Western Massachusetts Politics & Insight: To Be (1st) Franklin: Albright-Hanna Has Her Cutaway Shot to Candidate…

To Be (1st) Franklin is a series on the open race for the 1st Franklin House District.

HUNTINGTON—Retirements, resignations and deaths are ushering in a political shift in the 413 from the Vermont border to here in the foothills of the Berkshires. For the 1st Franklin House district, thankfully, the change is not borne of scandal or death. Though after 25 years in office, Stephen Kulik’s departure shall reverberate across the 19 towns he represents.

A mob of candidates has formed, eager to tell Beacon Hill the story of this sprawling district. The first to plunge in was documentarian and filmmaker Kate Albright-Hanna. After a career behind the camera, she is putting her eye for detail to work on her own campaign.

“What I love about this 1st Franklin District is that every town has its own personality,” she said. While each possess a unique character, they all share “a very strong sense of identity and self-reliance.”

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