Kate is a proud rural progressive who supports:


  • Strong Public Education – an updated, realistic education funding formula that reflects the recommendations of the Foundation Budget Review Commission. An end to charter schools, high stakes testing, and burdensome unfunded mandates


  • Western Mass’s Fair Share – fight for the maximum amount of state funds for regional transportation, payments in-lieu of taxes (PILOT) for state lands, and a fair percentage of the proposed millionaire tax (a constitutional amendment on the ballot this year)


  • Rural Economic Development – build agriculture infrastructure to strengthen our local food shed and secure a sustainable livelihood for farmers. Give local entrepreneurs and small businesses the tools they need to take root and grow. 100% broadband coverage for every home


  • Single-Payer Health Care – reduce costs and red tape, and free our businesses and workers to innovate without having to struggle for the basic right to health care Buses and Trains – ensure freedom of movement for everyone who doesn’t have access to a car. Connect our commuters to jobs in the cities, and give young families in the cities the option of moving into our school systems


  • Reverse Climate Change – aggressively pursue 100% renewable energy as well as promising new approaches like regenerative agriculture, managed grazing and reduced food waste