Kate is a proud rural progressive who will be a leader in the state legislature on the following issues:


  • Strong Public Education – an updated, realistic education funding formula that reflects the recommendations of the Foundation Budget Review Commission. An end to public funding of charter schools, high stakes testing, and burdensome unfunded mandates. Universal public pre-school and debt free college.


  • Single-Payer Health Care – reduce costs and red tape, and free our businesses and workers to innovate without having to struggle for the basic right to health care. Advocate for a reduction in prescription drug costs (read more)


  • Reverse Climate Change – aggressively pursue 100% renewable energy as well as promising new approaches like regenerative agriculture, managed grazing and reduced food waste (read more)


  • Transportation – ensure freedom of movement for everyone who doesn’t have access to a car or prefers to walk, bike or take a bus. Push for high speed rail that connects western Massachusetts to larger cities in the region.


  • Strong Worker Protections – fight for a true livable wage, robust paid leave, protection for unions and the right to organize. Ensure safe patient limits in hospitals.


  • Rural Economic Development – build agriculture infrastructure to strengthen our local food shed and secure a sustainable livelihood for farmers. Give local entrepreneurs and small businesses the tools they need to take root and grow. Affordable, 100% broadband coverage for every home. Increase green jobs by incentivizing local, clean energy retrofits for community buildings and residences.


  • Western Mass’s Fair Share – fight for the maximum amount of state funds for regional school transportation and payments in-lieu of taxes (PILOT) for state lands.


  • Safe Communities – protect the civil rights and safety of all people living in Massachusetts. I will fight to pass the provisions of the Safe Communities Act that restrict local police from entering collaboration agreements with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and prevent police from inquiring into people’s immigration status (read more)


  • Ranked Choice Voting – we endorse Ranked Choice Voting for use in local, state, and federal elections in Massachusetts, to bring more voices and choices into our political process and ensure outcomes that more accurately reflect the will of the voters.